Snow Removal & Plowing Services in Toronto, GTA ❄️

Elm Landscaping understands the importance of quick and efficient ice and snow removal during the snowfall season. Our skilled team strives to keep your property safe and accessible for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic with expert snow removal services. We provide 24/7 quick and prompt snow removal services for residential and commercial across Toronto, GTA.

We navigate Toronto's unpredictable weather conditions using the most advanced types of equipment for snow removal without causing damage to your property or driveway. Our expert snow-plowing team is well-versed in ice and snow removal, snow shoveling, road salting, de-icing, and snow hauling for residential and commercial purposes.

Our Residential Snow Contract Can Start as Low as $950 and Up

A person shoveling snow.

Plan A - Basic snow plowing

  • Your property will be snow-free within 8 hours after each snowfall that accumulates more than 3 cm. Leaving your driveway clear to use.
  • Ice melter is not included in this plan, making it perfect for people sensitive to chemicals. 
  • Enjoy a clear and safe landscape without waiting and worrying about the accumulated snow with our swift and efficient basic snow plowing plan.
A person shoveling snow.

Plan B - Basic snow plowing with Ice melter

  • Your landscape will be cleared within 8 hours after it snows.
  • We will apply Ice melter after clearing the snow.
  • An extra ice melter bucket is provided for freezing rain or slippery conditions.
  • Free of cost refill of the ice melter bucket. The plan keeps you stocked at no extra cost.
  • The application of ice-melting products will be the responsibility of the owner.

Don’t Let Snow Slow You Down

Get our expert snow plowing services to enjoy hassle-free winters.

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Toronto's #1 Ice & Snow Removal Company ❄️

Elm Landscaping is Toronto's #1 ice and snow removal company for both residential and commercial landscapes. Our skilled professionals efficiently completes all snow removal tasks on time. Request a FREE quote on call or fill out the contact form for a customized quote!

Snow plow at house clearing winter snow.

Residential Snow Removal

We understand the importance of removing the snow from your walkway and parking lots as soon as possible, and we're committed to offering our fast and efficient services round-the-clock to ensure your property stays clear and secure. Our snow driveway maintenance services are tailored to keep your walkways, decks, and patios clear of snow. Elm Landscaping's dedicated team ensures you a snow-free path for your driveways and pathways.

Our experienced snow removal experts are equipped to handle any harsh icy situations. Contact us to schedule your residential snow plowing service. Our team is ready to tackle the snow so that you can loosen up within the warmth and luxury of your home.

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Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Our commercial snow removal services ensure your operations run smoothly, even on snowy evenings. We understand the significance of an inviting environment for your customers and visitors.

Our skilled staff knows different snow removal techniques and serves a wide range of commercial properties, including gas stations, office buildings, parking spaces, banks, malls, and plazas. We cover all aspects of snow removal, from reliable commercial snow plowing that ensures smooth operations for your business to careful snow-blowing and shoveling services.

Ready to ensure your business remains functional in the snowy weather of Toronto? Contact us for a commercial snow removal service.

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Truck salting snowy road.

Road Salting and De-Icing

Road salting and de-icing ensure winter safety. Our skilled road salting team does it precisely so your pathways and roads remain clear and secure even in the harshest conditions. Timing is important in applying salt for de-icing, so our snow removal experts make sure to apply salt before ice forms to maximize its effectiveness. Our road salting and de-icing services are effective even at temperatures as low as -15°C.

Our road salting and deicing services expertly manage icy conditions to ensure road safety and prevent disruptions. We provide high-quality snow melting and road salting services that offer ease to you throughout the winter. Our Toronto snow plowing services are for both commercial and residential areas. Get our de-icing and road salting services, which are both budget- and environment-friendly.

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Snow removal tractor clearing snow to maintain accessibility

Snow Removal and Hauling

Snow removal and hauling services are recommended when your property cannot tolerate more snow accumulation or when snow piles create dangerous conditions, such as blocking pedestrian or vehicle traffic views.

Elm Landscaping's snow-hauling services cover both residential and commercial landscapes in Toronto. We have the experience of efficiently hauling excess snow from private driveways to commercial parking lots or any other space affected by heavy snowfall.

Our skilled team efficiently hauls snow using a combination of plows, pushers, loaders, and dump trucks. This set of equipment helps clear the space quickly and resolve the issues of limited parking, safety concerns, and visual clutter. The Elm Landscaping team keeps your space free of snow, preventing dangerous conditions and maintaining a neat appearance.

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Professional Snow Removal Service - Areas We Cover

Our exceptional snow removal services extend across various neighborhoods in Toronto, ensuring every community we serve remains safe and accessible during winter. Our commitment to delivering tailored, efficient, and professional solutions remains determined for every location we serve.

Why hire Elm Landscaping for
Snow Removal Services in Toronto...

Licensed and Insured

Licensed and

Elm Landscaping is a licensed company with fully insured and skilled staff. We provide snow removal services that ensure your peace of mind and the safety and protection of our team.

Advanced Equipment


Our experts use advanced snow removal equipment to handle various snow accumulation levels and types of surfaces, ensuring the safety of the landscape.

Local Expertise


Our professionals are familiar with Toronto’s weather and have years of experience in the industry. They know local weather and are well-versed in snow removal in harsh, snowy conditions.

24/7 Availability


We are 24/7 available for rapid and efficient snow removal services with modern equipment to keep your landscape safe and accessible.

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Our snow removal plan includes residential snow removal, commercial snow removal, road salting, de-icing, snow removal and hauling for your landscape, covering areas such as driveways, walkways, entrances, and parking lots. Additionally, we offer de-icing and salting to ensure safety and accessibility during winter weather conditions.

Our team prioritizes prompt response and typically clears snow within 8 hours or less, depending on the severity of the snowfall.

Yes, we provide ice-melting services to prevent ice formation and enhance safety on driveways, walkways, and other surfaces after snow removal. We utilize effective ice-melting agents and techniques to ensure that your property remains safe and accessible during winter weather.

Elm Landscaping responds promptly after a storm. However, response time may vary depending on the severity of the storm and the volume of the requests received.

Before hiring a snow removal company, it is important to check the contract, equipment and expertise of the company. When choosing a snow removal company, it is essential to check if the company is reliable and budget-friendly.

We handle ice buildup by using specialized equipment like snow blowers, shovels, and de-icing agents. We also apply salts and anti-icing solutions to minimize ice formation.

No, We only take on a limited number of clients to ensure timely service. Elm Landscaping operates with a focus on quality and timely service, which necessitates limiting the number of clients we take on.

We offer snow removal services around the clock, both day and night, 7 days a week, including holidays.

No, our services are provided on a flexible basis without locking you into a contract. You can cancel your services anytime, and we will prorate your payment.

Our company takes full responsibility for any damage your property may get due to our snow plowing services. We are committed to handling the situation promptly and will cover all the costs required to repair or replace any damage. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

We require full payment upon signing the contract. This ensures a smooth process and allows us to efficiently start our services without any delay.

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I like the fact that you never forget to close the back gate when you leave. I especially like the fact that you fill the water dishes for the birds. I appreciate that very much. I like the fact that you act and dress professionally.


Many thanks for caring for our property this past year. I only have compliments. The lawn, trees, shrubs and plants always looked so nice. We received compliments from friends on how nice it looked. The fall clean up and pruning of the hedges looks so good.

-Mrs. Richards

Thanks for doing such a great job with my lawn, it is nice to have someone I could depend on to keep my property looking nice.