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Landscape construction can be a big investment that increases the value of your home. Elm Landscape’s professional construction team collaborates with you to design a landscape that suits your vision and preferences. We consider factors like aesthetics, capability, and sustainability.

We proudly cater to all our customer’s outdoor needs. Our team of certified landscape constructors is dedicated to transforming your outside space into stunning surroundings that you could celebrate for years.

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Our Landscape Construction Services Include

Our crafty landscape construction services offer a wide range of options to convert your landscape into a beautiful haven. Our professionals are fully equipped with advanced technologies to provide landscape construction according to your aesthetics.

Interlocking & Retaining Walls

Precast pavers and wall systems can create a very attractive look with many different products available. Replace the simple and boring walls with interlocking walls to make your landscape more attractive and secure.

Sealing your interlock driveway or walkway is important for extending the life of the stone. It seals the stone, preventing water from leaving stains or being absorbed into the stone.

Our experienced professionals use the best substances and contemporary strategies to ensure durability, whether working on a lawn border or separating the patio area.

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Masonry & Natural Stone

Embrace the timeless style of masonry and natural stone with our expert landscape construction service. Our professional artisans are devoted to developing distinctive entrances, pathways, patios, and fireplaces that stand out aesthetically.

Whether you want a traditional brick facade, a rustic stone fireplace, or a custom stone pathway, we can bring your thoughts to life, ensuring functionality. Our commitment to crafty landscape construction services ensures that your property will no longer only be structurally sound but will also radiate elegance.

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Carpentry - Fences, Decks, Pergolas & Sheds

Fences, sheds, and decks provide privacy and security, creating an inviting environment for relaxation and keeping your home organized. Our comprehensive services include the construction of fences, decks, pergolas, and sheds to enhance your property.

Craftsmanship is the core of what we do. From the iconic hand-built deck to the finely crafted fence, our skilled carpenters can create anything with wood. Our commercial and residential landscape construction services pay careful attention to every detail, giving your landscape an elegant look

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Bring your yard to life at night and use more of your outdoor space for festivities and entertainment. We ensure the enhancement of your landscape by enhancing the beauty of your walkways, gardens, and stairs at night with our expertly designed outdoor lighting services.

Our lighting services are designed to lighten up your mood along with your outdoor space, making it a haven for relaxation and outdoor parties. Experience the magic of strategic lighting after the sun sets. Let us light up your nights with our personalized lighting services.

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An important part of any landscape is making sure that plants and lawns get the right amount of water to keep your landscape looking its best at all times, even during a drought. We integrate cutting-edge irrigation services, creating sustainable water-passage structures that conserve property and maximize plant health.

Whether for residential or commercial properties, we tailor our irrigation services to your specific needs. Our properly installed irrigation systems distribute the right amount of water for each area of your landscape, ensuring there are no dry areas.

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Professional Landscape Construction
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As a member of LOHTA, our skilled and experienced staff meet the industry’s standards.


Our artisans are skilled and certified in garden cultivation and management.


The safety and protection of our people and your peace of mind are the company's top priorities.


We transform the landscape into a work of art that has been recognized both within and outside the industry.

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    I like the fact that you never forget to close the back gate when you leave. I especially like the fact that you fill the water dishes for the birds. I appreciate that very much. I like the fact that you act and dress professionally.


    Many thanks for caring for our property this past year. I only have compliments. The lawn, trees, shrubs and plants always looked so nice. We received compliments from friends on how nice it looked. The fall clean up and pruning of the hedges looks so good.

    -Mrs. Richards

    Thanks for doing such a great job with my lawn, it is nice to have someone I could depend on to keep my property looking nice.