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Elm Landscaping offers a wide range of lawn care services in North York, GTA, including lawn mowing, fertilization, aeration, overseeding, pruning, and garden maintenance services. Our professional horticulturists and gardeners are well-versed in advanced types of equipment and all lawn care needs.

Our residential and commercial lawn maintenance services start in early Spring. We begin with the fertilization process. Toronto’s weather in early April is perfect for overseeding when the days are warm but the nights are cool. We use the perfect blend of warm and cool season grasses to survive the changing climate. Lawn and garden maintenance in this season helps your lawn to bloom.

Our skilled horticulturists use sharp blades on well-maintained equipment to maintain a healthy, lush lawn. Adjusting the cutting height for different seasons is necessary to ensure your yard is not stressed out and dormant. Our lawn care experts know grass well and can help you design a mowing schedule that cuts your grass every 5 days in Spring when the grass is growing fastest and slows down to once a week in the Summer. We customize our lawn care services according to the needs of your lawn.

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Lawn Maintenance Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of lawn maintenance services according to the needs of your lawn.

Lawn Mowing

Maintaining your lawn health and greenery requires consistent care throughout the growing period. A dense, healthy, high-quality lawn comes from proper mowing. Our lawn care service teams are familiar with the specific requirements of Toronto’s climate and soil, delivering unique and effective lawn-cutting services to enhance the beauty of your lawn.

The lawn mowing service includes removing obstacles and debris from the lawn to ensure a clear-cutting path. For perfect lawn cutting, we set the height of the mower based on the grass type and desired length. We use a trimmer or an edger to define the edges of your lawn for a neat appearance. We mulch the grass clipping to retain that vital 80% water and nutrients and reduce your lawn's water needs.

Whether you need a one-time mow service or want a customized lawn mowing plan, Elm Landscaping’s lawn care services have got you covered.

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Lawn Fertilizing

Timing is essential in the lawn fertilizing process. Early spring and late fall are the best times to apply. Our fertilizing services are custom-designed according to the needs of your lawn for the duration of the changing seasons, ensuring it flourishes in every weather condition.

Our expert horticulturists have a vast knowledge of vitamins that stimulate strong grass growth and develop a dense, luxurious carpet of greenery. Hence, we use a balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer to fertilize lawns effectively. Plus, we use a spreader to apply fertilizer evenly to avoid uneven growth or burning.

Lawn fertilizing enhances your lawn’s health through herbal defenses, making it extra immune to weeds and pests. This method allows you to maintain the strength of your lawn and minimize the issues related to weeds and pests. In addition, we also offer treatments for crabgrass prevention and broadleaf weed control.

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Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration has many benefits, as it counteracts the effects of soil compaction, allowing water, air, and nutrients to be more readily available to your lawn's root system. It also gives your lawn resistance against drought during the hot summer months. Aeration works very well with topdressing and overseeding. This procedure fills in small areas, promotes denser grasses, and complements your garden's aesthetic.

Grasses grow in different ways and require different growing conditions. Our experts assess the lawn condition, and based on their evaluation of the landscape, they decide when and how to aerate and overseed it.

The best time to apply this treatment is late April or early May so that any bare spots can be treated in the process. Our aeration and overseeding services are designed according to Toronto’s seasons. Our lawn care experts ensure your soil surfaces are smooth to maintain a neat appearance.

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Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Weather permitting, starting April 1st, we begin our spring clean-ups. We will prepare your garden for Summer by cultivating, weeding, edging, pruning specific perennials, raking, and cleaning your lawn. Be assured your garden is ready for winter with a fall clean-up.

With our lawn and garden maintenance services, we systematically clean debris and fallen leaves, prune specific perennials, and prepare your plants for the upcoming winter. Best of all, we compost all garden debris, making multiple visits to your site until our last visit to ensure all the leaves have come down.

We are all set to deal with any winter harm, giving essential care to the plants to help for a flourishing spring. Experience the crafty service of spring and fall clean-ups from our professional team, and stop worrying about the mess that the wind may create in your garden. Our lawn care service in Toronto is right here to ensure your lawn is prepared to bloom in the spring, creating a landscape that reflects the beauty of every season.

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Pruning & Trimming Plants

Pruning and trimming is a process that promotes the health of the plant by disposing of dead and diseased branches. It enhances the air quality, reduces the hazard of pests and diseases, and stimulates new growth. This results in an extra colorful and sturdy lawn.

Pruning and trimming involve shaping and structuring flowers for aesthetic and useful purposes. We carefully assess each plant, removing extra branches to keep a balanced and visually fascinating structure.

Elevate the beauty and health of your lawn with our professional tree pruning and trimming services. At Elm Landscaping, our lawn care service team is an expert in keeping shrubs, hedges, perennials, and trees at their best while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

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Garden Maintenance

Gardens evolve with the seasons, and so should their care. Get seasonal plant care throughout the year according to the precise needs of your garden with our garden and lawn care services in Toronto. From pruning to fertilizing, we ensure your plant blooms every season.

Our experts will cultivate and weed garden beds at specified intervals, re-edging your garden and maintaining a nice crisp edge to give it a clean and healthy look. We'll help promote healthy lushness so you can love the colorful displays of your outdoors every day.

Contact Elm Landscaping today for a consultation, and let us help you create a flourishing and well-functioning garden.

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    I like the fact that you never forget to close the back gate when you leave. I especially like the fact that you fill the water dishes for the birds. I appreciate that very much. I like the fact that you act and dress professionally.


    Many thanks for caring for our property this past year. I only have compliments. The lawn, trees, shrubs and plants always looked so nice. We received compliments from friends on how nice it looked. The fall clean up and pruning of the hedges looks so good.

    -Mrs. Richards

    Thanks for doing such a great job with my lawn, it is nice to have someone I could depend on to keep my property looking nice.