News - May 14 2019
Picture of a green pointy flowers in a greenland

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses come in a plethora of shapes, colours and sizes and add a striking visual aspect to any landscape.  They have quickly become quite the front-runner for gardeners.  They were mainly used by experienced professionals only decades ago as they were quite a novelty.  The grasses quickly gained a reputation as a low maintenance and hardy vegetation that creates a visual attraction to garden beds and containers.  Ornamental grasses come in a multitude of verities to enhance any landscape.  We here at Elm Landscaping, (416) 293-2976 have worked successfully with Ornamental Grasses and would love to pass on a few timely planting tips.

Successfully Grow Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses are among the few select varieties of plants that will flourish in many different soil conditions.  These plants are generally found to be resistant to disease and insect damage and they are very drought tolerant.  They vary in shape and height and will therefore blend into your existing foliage as well as creating dynamic distinct showpieces.

When to Plant

There are two types of Ornamental Grasses, the annuals and the perennials.  The best time to plant annual varieties is in the spring as soon as the ground and weather is promising.  These grasses only survive one growing season so watching the weather forecast is a good indication for planting these annuals.  The second type of Ornamental Grass are the perennials and they can be planted during the spring or in the fall and will become a permanent feature in your garden.


Sunlight and water are two of the main considerations that should be addressed when planning to plant your grasses.  Most of the varieties available do prefer full sunlight but there are a select few that might not only tolerate but thrive in part-sun to even shady areas.  Soil recommendations can vary from moderate to rich soil.  The plant tag will contain all the pertinent information to enhance your planting experience.

Growing Habits

Always take time to consider the space carefully that you wish to use these grasses in.  Some varieties are prone to growing in clumps while others will spread, covering larger areas.  Taking into account your visual needs as well as available space will help you determine the correct variety of plant to select.  Always follow the planting information on the tag and plant the grasses at the same depth as they were in the pot.  This will avoid water pooling and drowning out your new plants.  Most Ornamental Grasses are extremely hardy and hassle free but do need some general upkeep to avoid a possible invasive encroachment

Ornamental Grass Maintenance

In the spring apply a slow release fertilizer, making sure to water it in thoroughly.   You can prevent the grass from drooping and keep the leaves vibrant and healthy by keeping the soil nitrogen levels comparatively low.

Watering new plants is imperative to establish a healthy root system.  Once the plants are established, they should only need additional water during extended periods of drought.  Always check the provided information to find the water requirements for your species of plant.  A good tool to employ that will aid in water retention as well as cut down on unwanted weeding is to lay down a considerable layer of mulch.  This layer of mulch will also help to discourage natural reseeding of your plants.

Whether you are looking for a tall variety of Ornamental Grass to add privacy or a grouping of different coloured clusters to add impact to your landscape a little homework goes a long way.

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