Uncategorized - Jul 30 2017

Want to make your small garden look larger?  Want to make your large garden look well-maintained and organized?  Working with mostly planters and architectural design pieces?  Is your garden full of free-flowing wild flowers and trees?  No matter the size or style of your outdoor space, there is one 2017 trend that will take your garden to the next level:

Colour Blocking.


Taking cues from the fashion industry, colour blocking takes large swatches of colour to highlight and contrast different areas from those around it.  This trend fits any style.  Create contrast by putting complimentary colours beside each other – this gives depth and makes an area appear larger.  Or, create symmetry by choosing one feature colour and repeating it in strategic places throughout your garden.  The repeating pattern will catch the eye and give your garden a modern and welcoming feel.

Elm Landscaping offers custom designed gardens that you will love.  We work with you from the drawing board to the final product.  Fecund or modern, large lawn and garden or intimate outdoor sanctuary – Colour blocking is the trend to follow this summer.


Colour Scheme

The first thing to think about is your colour scheme.  Choose the main colours that you want to highlight in your garden.  It may seem counter-intuitive to have several flowers of the same colour in one area if the goal is depth and variety.  But once you see the different textures it creates variety for the eye while adding depth.

If you love BLUE

False indigo

If you love YELLOW and ORANGE


If you love WHITE

Dusty miller


If you love PINK and RED



Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, the next step is to chose your style.  This will depend on the size of the space you’re working with.

Smaller spaces look larger when there are one or two dominant colours.  If you like to mix things up often or need to change the layout of your outdoor space to accommodate dinner parties, consider using planters.  These are a great solution as they are portable and easy to maintain.  Choose a few large planters and stagger them around your space to create depth.  Add variety by placing a few smaller plants in a complementary colour.

If you prefer a clean modern look, use straight lines and architectural pieces to add depth and variety. Our design team has the perfect solution for your small or larger space.  Adding paving stones to separate the blocks of colour will create a modern look that is welcoming and warm.

“More is More”

If you prefer a design that says “more is more” then choose three or four colours that compliment each other (white is a great option to add depth and create contrast.)  If you have a big space, consider grouping all of the colours together in different parts of the garden.  This will give a wild and free look while still drawing the eye throughout the space.  This effect can be recreated in a smaller space to give a wild secret garden feel to any space.

Colour blocking will give any space the feeling of depth and variety.  Whatever the size or style of your project, the design team at Elm Landscaping has the perfect plan that is just for you.

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