Uncategorized - Jul 17 2017
A closeup picture of green grass with sky over it

The temperature is rising, the sun is shining and the beach is calling.  We are in the middle of summer Toronto and nothing looks better than Lake Ontario and a craft beer.  As much as we all love the heat, our poor lawns are not as happy.  The drought and the heat can take its toll on our grass and gardens.  Even though its tempting to pack up and head for the cottage, make sure your lawn is in good shape before you do.

As much as we all love the heat, our poor lawns are not as happy.

The first rule of summer lawn care is to let is grow, let it grow, let it grow.  Keeping your grass between 6 and 8 cm tall creates a stronger interaction between the lawn and the soil.  Make the most of the overseeding you did in the Spring and give your grass a chance to soak up those nutrients.  Moisture is key.  By keeping your blades long, the moisture gets trapped and gives your grass a healthy green glow.

After you’ve cut the grass (not too short!) leave the clippings behind.  These are full of extra nutrients and moisture.  To make sure you get an even distribution of clippings, mow when it’s dry rather than right after watering.

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Thankfully, Toronto has seen a fair share of thunder storms this year.  The Farmer’s Almanac calls for more showers in August.  If you feel like your lawn is starting to look dormant from the extreme heat, however, you may need to give Mother Nature a hand.  It’s not enough to just water your lawn, you want to water it properly.  A deep water (2.5cm) is beneficial once a week.  Be sure to do your watering in the morning to give it time to soak in and avoid over watering or watering in the evening.

As soon as those August showers return your lawn will be right as rain (no pun intended.)

Even if you are beginning to see the warning signs of a dormant lawn, don’t panic.  We tend to overcorrect at the first sign of brown on our laws.  Avoid the temptation to fertilize the dormant patches.  Your grass isn’t absorbing much this time of year and excess fertilizer can actually burn plants.  The best thing to do is take a breath, and trust that it’s all going to be fine.  Grass can stay dormant for up to several weeks if there’s not enough rain.  As soon as those August showers return your lawn will be right as rain (no pun intended.)  Avoid mowing or walking on the spots until the return to normal.

When all is said and done, give Elm Landscaping a call and hit the 401 to cottage country.  We are happy to help you beat the heat and know that your lawn is going to look its best all season long.