News - Apr 05 2017
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When it comes to your lawn, it’s definitely best to be early to the party rather than fashionable late.  The first of the spring sun has hit and now is the best time to start thinking about what you can do to ensure a beautiful lawn this summer.  But what time is the best time to start seeding?  Planting? Weeding?  Let Mother Nature and some Toronto Landscaping experts be your guide. Depending on the severity of winter (thankfully in Toronto it was only a little awful) your timeline for certain projects is going to vary from year to year.


Here is a handy guide to when to start your Toronto lawn care projects:


Using Weed Preventers:

This is definitely a race against nature as you want to get ahead of weeds before they begin to germinate.  The perfect time to apply your granule weed-fighter is when the Forsythia blooms begin to drop.  These usually blossom in early April in Toronto for a beautiful, but short two-week period.  All over the city the first bursts of color are from these gorgeous yellow-flowered bushes.  This is your window to begin your weed-prevention project.  By applying weed killer early, you can vaccinate your lawn against weeds and save yourself a headache mid season.

When to Fertilize:

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The key to knowing when to feed your grass is knowing what time of grass you have.  In Toronto (and most of Canada) lawns are a combination of cool-season grasses.  These include Kentucky blue-grass (with that blue-green color this is often found in showcases such as golf courses and the new BMO field), Ryegrass (which is hearty and can stand up to our Canadian winters), and Bermuda grass (a warm-season grass that can withstand extreme heat and humidity.)  Knowing your mix will help you plan your feed and how to care for it during the ups and downs of a Toronto summer.  The Ryegrass will sprout fast and tall but usually withers in the heat, so the Bermuda steps up to keep your lawn lush on those hot days in July.  Grass needs to be fed when its actively growing.  Because the majority of our grass is cool-season, Toronto lawn care happens in early spring and fall.


Reseeding and Over seeding:

This is an important part of toronto lawn carekeeping your lawn thick, green and weed free. For our cool-season grasses, give yourself the gift of a lush lawn next year by doing your reseeding in late fall.  Even if you missed that date this year you can over seed your lawn spring when the nights are cool and the days are warm.  The seeds need to be warmed by the sun during the day but have the damp cool earth at night to sprout.


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Most lawn-owners mow on a weekly basis.  Most of the year this is a good routine – but in Spring, when your lawn is growing rapidly, you want to mow more frequently. If mowing every 4-5 days seems like too bug of a chore, we are here to help.  Our lawn maintenance services give you the freedom to customize your lawn’s care to ensure it looks its best.

Our landscape design team will turn your lawn into the backyard of your dreams.



Elm Landscaping’s mowers start running the first Monday of May and operate until October.  Let us give your lawn the love it deserves with routine maintenance and care.

Call us today to start the party early and see how beautiful your lawn can be.