News - Apr 16 2019
A gardener cutting grass with grass saw machine

The thoughts of tree branches laden with blossoms and budding leaves, the sight of emerging flowers and the smell of the earth’s thaw is upon us.  It is a wonderful time of the year and yet it is also one that can fill us with such trepidation.  As the lengthening sunlight warms the earth it also sheds light on the recesses of our yards, those emerging glimpses of what is and the dreams of what might be.  Now is the time to plan, prepare and engage in a strategy that will ensure the coming seasons will bring your dreams to fruition and we here at Elm Landscaping would love to help you realize your blossoming vision.

It is time for residential and commercial lawns and grounds to wake up and enjoy a little TLC to get them in tip top shape for the coming growing season.  It is better to start your grounds off in a well cultivated manner to encourage proper growth of grass and not let the weeds get a toehold.  To tame that overgrown vegetation and to create clean boundaries between grass and gardens.  It is time to create the perfect growing portrait and we are just the Toronto Landscaping company to help you achieve that.

Elm Landscaping can offer our expert services to clear out the old vegetation of last year and to prepare a clean slate for the coming growing season.  Whether it is a small or large-scale residential landscaping project or the grounds of a commercial property our dedication to your satisfaction is paramount.  Our trained professional staff will provide the highest level of consideration to your grounds and make you a proud property owner.

We offer many elements to our spring-cleaning services such as lawn cutting to ensure that your lawn stays vital and can retain the coming spring rains.  All our equipment has meticulously sharpened cutting blades to prevent damage to grass and foliage.  A good cut should be followed up with a thorough and complete raking of the grounds.  A well raked lawn will remove thatch and encourage the moisture to be absorbed into the soil which will help to promote healthy root growth.

Lawn fertilization in the spring helps to give your lawn that extra nutritional boost…just like our bodies need nutrients and vitamins, so does your lawn.  Spring fertilizing will undeniably help to produce a good and healthy lawn.  To aid in the proper root growth and help with nutrient absorption a proper step to take is to aerate your lawn.  Aeration will break up the compacted earth and allow the nutrients and the moisture to travel deep into the harden soil to amend it.  The next step to aid in your lawn’s health is to overseed your grounds in the spring.  Overseeding your lawn helps to choke out weeds and allows it to build up resistance to summer drought occurrences.  Cover in those bald patches and create a dense moisture retaining oasis for the summer months.

Elm Landscaping has over 20 years of experience and can offer the latest procedures to help ensure that your lawn and ground care is the talk of the neighbourhood.  Elm Landscaping is a proud member of the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association, which is Ontario’s premier horticultural trade association.   Our fully certified and insured technicians have the skills and experience to meet and exceed today’s industry standards.

Start the season with a well-manicured lawn, raking, weeding and edging help to inspire an easily sustainable growing season.  The full glory of the summer landscaping needs preparation and work to realize it’s full potential.  We take pride in offering you our expertise in a professional, courteous and punctual manner that will offer you peace of mind.  Elm Landscaping is a Toronto company and our years of dedication to landscaping is reflected in our work and has been widely recognized.  Contact us at (416) 293-2976 and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff assist you with your spring-cleaning landscape needs.   Give us a call now and let us do what we do best!