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Elm Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape design services in East York. Our landscape design services include front-yard landscape design, backyard landscape design, plant selection, hardscaping, fence building and design, patio, deck building and design.

A garden with fountain and lush shrubs.
Four people landscaping: mowing, raking and planting.

If you are looking for a dependable and efficient landscape design service in East York, look no further. With over 25 years of designing, creating, and maintaining landscapes in the East York area, Elm Landscaping deeply understands the local soil and climate; we customize each design according to the specific environment of East York. Our designers work closely with you to ensure every detail reflects your unique style and preferences.

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Landscaping collage featuring diverse outdoor designs.

Landscape Design Services In East York

Elm Landscaping understands the unique needs of East York properties and provides you with aesthetic yet functional solutions for all your landscape design needs.

Landscaping collage of diverse outdoor designs.

Front-yard Landscape Design In East York

We offer customized front yard landscape services that cater to the climate conditions of East York. Our services include designing and decorating patios, walkways, driveways, and retaining walls. Our designers carefully choose and arrange living elements, such as plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers, to enhance the aesthetic of your landscape. We ensure that your landscape is visually appealing and structurally sound.

Our front yard East York landscaping service provides an affordable solution for an attractive outdoor space without spending much on maintenance. We work closely with our clients, and our designers ensure that the final layout meets their expectations.

Backyard Landscape Design In East York

Our backyard landscaping services are customized according to the unique conditions of East York. Our primary goal is to create a backyard that reflects your aesthetic by selecting suitable outdoor features and plants. We enhance the overall backyard by incorporating serene water fountains and pools that transform your landscape into a peaceful haven.

With over two decades of experience, our low-maintenance landscaping designers ensure the final results align with your unique needs, making us a trusted choice for landscape design in East York.

Collage of outdoor designs showcasing landscaping variety.

Types Of Landscape Design In East York

At Elm Landscaping, we understand that landscape design is more than just arranging plants and structures. It's about creating an outdoor haven that reflects your style. Our landscape designers create the following types of landscape design in East York to cater to your specific style and preference.

A garden with water feature and green lawn.

Formal Landscape Design

Formal landscape design in East York is characterized by its structured and symmetrical layout. It includes manicured lawns, precisely trimmed hedges, and geometrically shaped flower beds.

Informal Landscape Desig

Informal landscape design in East York takes a more relaxed and naturalistic approach. It is ideal for homeowners who prefer a less structured, more comfortable outdoor environment.

Garden with fountain and lush green plants.
Garden filled with potted plants and colorful flowers.

English Garden Design

English garden design in East York draws inspiration from the classic gardens of England, known for their beauty and lush greenery. This style typically features flower borders, pathways and a charming garden.

Japanese Garden Design

Japanese garden designs include rock gardens, ponds, and moss-covered pathways, creating a peaceful atmosphere. This style is ideal for homeowners seeking a serene and harmonious outdoor space.

Peaceful pond scene with waterfall and beautiful koi fish.
Garden with palm trees and stone path.

Tropical Landscape Design

Tropical gardens are known for water features such as waterfalls or bubbling fountains. This style is an excellent way to infuse a touch of the tropics into your East York home, creating a luxurious and exotic outdoor haven.

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I like the fact that you never forget to close the back gate when you leave. I especially like the fact that you fill the water dishes for the birds. I appreciate that very much. I like the fact that you act and dress professionally.


Many thanks for caring for our property this past year. I only have compliments. The lawn, trees, shrubs and plants always looked so nice. We received compliments from friends on how nice it looked. The fall clean up and pruning of the hedges looks so good.

-Mrs. Richards

Thanks for doing such a great job with my lawn, it is nice to have someone I could depend on to keep my property looking nice.