Uncategorized - May 29 2017
A picture of Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) plant leaves with wooden background wall of blue color

Endemic Gardening is a 2017 trend that is sweeping the world – and we couldn’t be happier.  Endemic Gardening (or simply local gardening) only uses plants native to the area.  This has a huge butterfly effect that reduces your eco-footprint, creates gardens that are more resilient to weather changes and ultimately reduces your maintenance costs.

Canada’s biodiversity depends on the survival of the plant population that has adapted to our climate and environments.  Southern Ontario is one of Canada’s biodiversity hotspots, however development has impacted the natural environment and put many of our endemic species at risk.   Elm Landscaping is committed to creating beautiful spaces that keep you and the planet happy.  Endemic Gardening is a way to keep your home bright and vibrant, while keeping the planet happy and vibrant as well.

The need for Endemic Gardening might be more dire than you think.
In Canada we have:

  • 3,200 species of vascular plants are native to Canada
  • 150 species are found only in Canada and some parts of North America
  • 1000 of our native plants are classified as rare
  • 150 plant species are classified as endangered
  • 500 species are being monitored

Because we are a hotspot, there are a variety of trees, flowers and shrubs that you can plant in your garden today that are low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

“The earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

endemic gardening
Serviceberry Tree

When we said there was a “Butterfly Effect” we weren’t kidding.  Shrubs like The New Jersey Tea and Serviceberry thrive in Toronto and attract butterflies of all types to your garden.  Native plants attract the many native insect and bird species that call Ontario home.

Wild Geranium and Canadian Anemone provide excellent ground coverage and attract hummingbirds and bees to your garden.  Across the world gardeners are doing their part to preserve the bee population. Consider choosing some bee-friendly pollinators to keep this important species thriving.

endemic gardening
Canadian Anemone


Creating layers of vegetation will make even the smallest garden look fecund and healthy.  We can add dimensions through varying trees, flowers and ground covers to create a beautiful, low-maintenance garden.  Oaks and Maples come in many different varietals so you can choose the right size shade trees for your space.  Trumpet vines and Virginia Creeper are great native climbing plants that will fill any space attract birds to your garden.

Want to know more?

Grow Me Instead is an initiative started by the Ontario Invasive Plant Council.  This free e-book contains all of the plants that are harmful to the native plants of Southern Ontario.

North American Native Plant Society is a registered charity dedicated to the preservation of native plant habitats.  Their main goal is to educate avid gardeners and to inspire a love for native plants.

Endemic Gardening is the future in Toronto and Elm Landscaping is here to help you bring your garden to life this season with all the beautiful plants Southern Ontario has to offer.