News - Dec 21 2023
DIY Vs. Professional Snow Plowing

As the winter season starts, removing snow from driveways and sidewalks becomes a hectic task for residential owners in Toronto. The winter brings the challenge of dealing with snow accumulation on residential properties. Driveways and sidewalks are covered with snow, which becomes an obstacle to mobility and creates safety hazards.

To remove snow from your residential property, you, the homeowner, can choose one of the two options. They can either choose the DIY (do it yourself) method, which is to remove and clean all the snow accumulation by themselves without the help of any professional, or choose professional snow plowing services.

In this blog, you will review five factors to consider before opting for DIY or professional snow plowing services so you can choose the best snow removal option for your property.

DIY Vs Professional Snow Removal

There are pros and cons of both DIY and professional snow removal. Choosing one of them depends on various factors, such as those mentioned below.

Factors to Consider Before Opting for DIY or Professional Snow Plowing


One of the main advantages of DIY snow removal is that you can save money. You don’t have to pay for labour or equipment rental. The residential owner needs to invest in snow removal equipment such as a shovel, snow blower, and snow plow. Once you buy all this equipment, you can remove snow by yourself.

However, opting for DIY snow removal has hidden costs and damages that you should consider, such as the fuel and maintenance of the equipment, salt, and other de-icing products. Doing the job yourself can damage your property and vehicle if you don’t know how to work with that equipment.

On the other hand, opting for professional snow plowing is sometimes more costly than doing it yourself as it includes all the hidden costs along with equipment. But professional snow removal gives you peace of mind. You can rely on the expertise and experience of trained and insured workers who have the right equipment and techniques to handle any snowy situation. Since professional snow removal experts can ensure maximum safety and efficiency in the snow removal process, the cost of professional services is also justified by the quality of services.


Convenience is a major factor when considering the removal of snow during the harsh weather in Canada.

DIY snow removal option gives you control and flexibility about removing snow from your house. You can decide which time you have to shovel, plow, or blow the snow. However, DIY snow removal requires more effort and commitment from the individual. You have to monitor the forecast, plan the snow removal, and be ready to work in cold and harsh conditions.

Professional snow removal, on the other hand, offers more convenience and peace of mind. You don’t have to lift a finger or worry about the weather. In Toronto, almost every landscaping and snow removal company offers customized services according to your property needs. They customize services that take care of your landscape snow with efficiency and expertise.


Your safety, along with your property’s protection, is an important aspect when choosing between DIY and professional snow removal. If you are unaware of the snow removal equipment, it could also be dangerous for you and your property. You can harm your landscape or vehicle by hitting or scraping it too hard with a shovel, snow blower, or plow. Plus, using chemicals in the wrong way can also harm you. 

In terms of safety, opting for professional snow removal is a safer and more efficient option than DIY snow removal. With professional snow plowing services, you can avoid the physical and mental stress of clearing snow by yourself. The trained professionals are also more versed in safety standards and practices.

Immediate Response

Removing snow by yourself has both advantages and disadvantages. You can control the icy situation if the snow starts falling unexpectedly, but it depends on your availability and willingness to remove the snow on your own. De-icing requires quick action to clear the snow to ensure your property remains accessible and safe during snowy seasons. 

On the other hand, professional snow plowing services offer quick response. They operate round the clock, and their trained professionals address the situation regardless of which time of the day snowfall occurs, making your landscape accessible and clear of snow. If you are looking for snow plowing in Toronto, Elm Landscaping and Snow Removal Company offers immediate services for all your snow-related concerns. 

Whether you opt for DIY or professional snow removal services, the key is to find a balance that meets your preferences and situation at the time, as an immediate response to snow removal is the most important factor for easy and safe access to the property.


Removing heavy snow through equipment requires expertise. If you opt for the DIY option to remove snow and don’t have the required expertise to use that equipment, you might end up harming yourself or your landscape. Basic knowledge of snow removal will not work in the heavy snowfall. 

On the other hand, professional snow removal companies have experts who have the knowledge and experience of snow removal. In Toronto, snow plowing services are safer and more secure than doing it yourself, as heavy snowfall in Toronto requires expert experience to make your landscape less hazardous.


Each option brings its own pros and cons for the residents of Toronto. It’s important to find the best between DIY and professional snow removal based on your preferences and situations.

With Toronto’s unpredictable snowfall and challenging climate, the decision between DIY and professional snow removal is important. Your preference varies and depends on your choice, but the climatic conditions in Toronto tip the scales in favour of professional snow removal services.