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Do you feel that heat wave Toronto?  Summer doesn’t officially arrive until next week but the sun is out and we are so happy.  But, with the weather pushing 25° these are the last days to get the maximum benefit of dethatching and aerating your lawn.  If you thought you’d missed the window, fear not!  Elm Landscaping is here to make your lawn look its best this summer.



What is Dethatching?

“Dethatching” is the mechanical removal of that top layer of dead turf (called “thatch”) that we all see in early Spring.  This layer makes it hard for your grass to get the water and nutrients it desperately needs.  Dethatching is more than that initial raking of the Fall leaves from your lawn.  A proper dethatching rake will get the tines deep into the grass and ensure the thatch is completely removed

Most lawns in Toronto are a combination of Cool- and Warm-Season grasses.  Now is the last window of time to dethatch your lawn while its still in prime growth period.  This means a quick recovery from the dethatching process.



Why Dethatch?

  • Dethatching is the first step to healthy lawn care all summer long.
  • Remove the unhealthy layer on top of your grass
  • Ensure equal seeding across your whole lawn

What is Aerating?

Core Aeration helps relieve deeply compacted grass and promotes growth.  The process removes small cores of soil and thatch from your lawn to create a channel for water and oxygen can travel.  Aeration prevents a garden-full of problems including poor-drainage, uneven growth and brown patches.

Late-Spring aeration is beneficial in our city where grass gets especially compacted throughout the long winter.  This is also a great way to tackle any early weeds that have been established, before they flower.  Because Toronto gets such extreme weather, most of our lawns are made up of Cool- and Warm-Season grasses that benefit from aeration in late-Spring and early-Summer.


Why Aerate?

  • It reduces soil compaction
  • Allows water, air and nutrients into your lawn’s root system
  • Gives maximum to the overseeding done in early spring
  • Makes your lawn resistant to drought
  • Keeps the color bright and healthy

Elm Landscaping wants to welcome that heat wave because our lawns are ready for it.
Call today (416) 293-2976 to book your dethatching and core aeration.
Give your lawn a breath of fresh air and get ready for summer.