News - Dec 24 2023
Hacks to Shovel Snow Fast And Safe

The winter months are challenging for Toronto residents in terms of dealing with snow and extreme weather conditions. As the snowfall starts, it causes a significant disruption of mobility and requires extra work from the homeowners in the form of snow removal.

Snow can be dangerous if not taken care of properly because accumulated snow creates various hazardous conditions, which increase the risk of slips and falls. Therefore, shoveling the snow is crucial to ensure safety.

9 Quick Snow Shovel Hack

In this blog, we will discuss nine hacks to shovel snow quickly and safely. These are the useful tricks used by professional snow plowing service providers. Let’s check how you can shovel snow quickly and safely through these tips.

Invest in the Right Shovel

Before the winter season starts, invest in the best shovel according to your space requirement, as it plays an important role in your shoveling experience. Find a lightweight with a strong handle shovel, so it will not cause you physical strain. Moreover, look for a non-sticky coating to prevent the snow from sticking.

Use Cooking Oil Spray

If you have an old shovel that is not non-sticky, it would be tough for you to shovel in the driveway and sidewalk. The hack for using an old shovel is to spray it with cooking oil; it will make the job easier.

This trick will help you move the snow more quickly and prevent the snow from sticking to the shovel. After every use of the equipment, wipe down the shovel properly to avoid a mess.

Use Rock Salt

Rock salt is a perfect temporary de-icer. It is the best for the windshield of your vehicle. Using table salt will help prevent the formation of hard frost over your car’s windshield throughout the cold and snowy night. 

For this trick, put table salt in some old socks and then rub it all over the windows and windshield the night before a predicted snowfall or generally on cold, snowy winter nights. 

Rub it all over the surface properly to ensure that the trick works well to serve the purpose. But remember that overdoing this technique can affect the car’s surfaces that are being de-iced.

Remove Snow in Layers

You can shovel fast and safely by removing snow in layers. Remove snow step by step from your driveway and walkways. Break down the piles of snow into smaller sections so it will be easier for you to handle the snow. This hack will help you not feel overwhelmed and is much gentler on your muscles.

Lifting Techniques of Snow

Take snow shoveling as a physical activity, so warm up your body before shoveling. Gently stretch your arms, legs, and back. It will increase the blood flow in your body and make your muscles more flexible. 

Lifting snow is like a proper workout for your muscles; do it so that it does not hurt your muscles and back. Bend your knees in such a way as if you are doing squats; this helps you use the strong muscles in your legs instead of putting all the weight on your back. Keep your back straight throughout snow shoveling.

Timely Snow Shoveling

Schedule your snow removal timing as the snow starts; shovel it right after it stops. It will be much easier for you to handle it right away. It will be light and fluffy at that time, and you can shovel it easily. Don’t give snow the time to pile up and get heavy.

The tip to remove snow quickly is to be proactive. Don’t wait for the snow to become a heavy burden. This way, you can save yourself time and effort, and the snow shoveling process will become much smoother. Doing so will affect your mobility, but it will also not affect you until the snow plowing services come to the rescue.

Safety and Precautions

While working in the harsh weather of Toronto, cover yourself properly, wear layers, and ensure each layer gives your body the warmth it requires.  Don’t forget to wear a hat and waterproof gloves. Staying warm is essential for maintaining efficiency and overall comfort during snow removal.

When shoveling snow, it’s common to lose foot grip while walking on a slippery surface. The hack is to wear socks over your shoes to prevent slipping and improve traction. In this way, you can easily walk over wet snow without falling or slipping.

Use Leaf Blower

Winter is usually not the season for lawn care, but your leaf blower can be used for snow-blowing. Right after the snowfall, use your leaf-blowing machine to clear out fluffy snow from the walkways, driveways, lawn, and around your vehicles. In Toronto, almost every professional landscaping and snow removal company uses this trick to blow snow from the walkways, driveways, and lawns for a clean look.

Spread Sand

A simple yet effective snow removal tip is to spread sand generously on driveways and walkways. This improves traction and makes it easier to move around safely. If you’re out of sand, the alternative is to use kitty litter for the same purpose. It’s an excellent pre-snowfall technique.


In conclusion, using the appropriate equipment and strategic technique is important to shovel snow quickly and safely. Remember to take breaks during snow shoveling and stay hydrated. Prioritize your safety and avoid strains and accidents by using the above hacks.

We hope these tips help your shoveling process smoother and more enjoyable this snowy season. But if you have a busy schedule and you find snow shoveling a challenging and difficult task to do, Elm Landscaping has got you covered. Our professional team is experienced and equipped with all the necessary tools to remove snow from your landscape, giving you peace of mind in the snowy season. So, let’s shovel it away and enjoy the winter season.