News - Nov 24 2016
Tips for Preparing Your Lawn For Winter

No matter how careful you have been with your lawn care during summer, it will look pale and worn out during winter. This is because the soil is depleted of nutrients, and the lawn suffers wear and tear due to summer activities like children playing and summer parties. 

As the winter starts, your lawn needs extra care and attention because the winter season is harsh for grasses. Preparing lawns beforehand for winter is always a good idea. With little care and attention, your lawn will remain lush throughout the winter and bloom when spring arrives.

Lawn Care Tips for Winters

Lawn care in Toronto is important as the plants and grasses face Canada’s harsh and cold weather. Fortunately, you can prepare your lawn for the cold weather and snowfall. Every Canadian should know the following tips for preparing the lawn for winter and keeping it green and blooming.

Remove Debris

Removing synthetic and natural debris from your yard is the first and most important step. The leftover debris of summer contributes to compacted soil. It restricts the air, water, and nutrients from moving through the soil, making it difficult for grass to bloom.

The compacted soil leads to poor root development and negatively affects the lawn’s health. Moreover, neglecting to remove debris results in bare spots on your lawn. The immunity of the lawn becomes strong by removing debris from it.

Remove Moss

After removing all the natural and synthetic debris, you can find moss that has accumulated in the shadier areas of your lawn. Remove all of it, as the moss absorbs the soil’s moisture and prevents nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass.

Professional companies who offer lawn care services remove moss completely to prevent the lawn from being patchy and bald because the moss kills the young grass blades that are starting to grow, resulting in the dormant growth of grasses.


After clearing all the debris and moss, the next step is removing weeds. Weeds grow in the most unsuspecting corners of your yard, and removing them before winter is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. 

Instead of only plucking the visible parts of the weed that will eventually result in the growth of weed, it is recommended to pluck them and remove them from root to stem completely, as they grow fast during winter, especially in milder climates.

Aerate your Lawn

Now that your lawn is free of everything obstructing its nourishment and growth, it’s time to aerate it. Aeration is a powerful technique used by professionals in lawn care. Every professional landscaping and snow removal company uses an aerating tool to perforate grass with small holes that allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots for a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Apply Seed Dressing

Now that your lawn is prepped and aerated, applying a top seed dressing is the next step in ensuring lush and even grass growth in spring. Seed dressing is the process of evenly covering the grass with a thin seed layer. It sounds simple, but it significantly affects your turf’s overall health and appearance.

Applying a top seed layer in winter positively impacts the soil quality without causing harm to the existing grass. It’s like giving your lawn a nutritional boost in winter to ensure it blooms in the coming seasons.

Use Fall Fertilizer, Grub Killer, and Pre-Emergent

The best treatment for lawn care in Toronto during winter is to apply fall fertilizer, grub killer, and pre-emergents. It is an excellent treatment for lawns. These are easily available in any lawn care shop, and you can follow the instructions on the packaging to achieve optimal results.

Fall fertilizer is important to keep your lawn healthy and blooming. Fertilizers have specific formulas for different seasons or types of grass. Use fall fertilizer to prepare your lawn during winter for a blooming lawn in spring. 

Grub killers are designed to eliminate pests and protect your grass during winter. When applying a grub killer, carefully follow the instructions on the packaging. It ensures effective control of grubs without harming your lawn or the surroundings. 

Pre-emergent weed killers are preventive measures that kill weeds before they sprout. This creates a barrier in the soil, inhibiting the growth of weeds. When using a pre-emergent weed killer, carefully follow the instructions provided. 

Pay attention to the recommended application timing, as these products are most effective when applied before weed seeds start to sprout. Follow the instructions to ensure your lawn is protected from weed infestations without negatively impacting desired plants.


Keep your lawn free and with minimum obstruction during the winter season. Don’t obstruct your grass from receiving the air, water, and nutrients it needs to bloom, as during snow, it goes dormant. 

Prepare your lawn before winter to let it face the harsh weather of Toronto with strong immunity. We hope these tips for preparing your lawn for winter help you for a beautiful and healthy lawn in spring.