Uncategorized - May 16 2017
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Toronto is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes.  From High Park to the Harbourfront, our city has inspiration for your next project.  We’ve chosen 5 of the most beautiful gardens in the city for inspiration and design.


Allan Gardens

  • One of the oldest parks in Toronto, Allan Gardens was founded in 1858 and is an iconic Toronto landmark.  The historic greenhouse and conservatory houses a variety of exotic plants and seasonal flowers.
  • Let our construction experts create your own private conservatory by adding a greenhouse.
  • This garden in characterized by its clean lines and symmetry.  Create this look by adding planters in a symmetrical pattern and create defined walkways using bricks and shrubs.
  • Let the beautiful plants take over by creating a neutral backdrop for them with white accents that are inspired by the iconic Palm House.

University of Toronto

  • The university campus and philosopher’s walk hosts some of the most beautiful gardens set against the backdrop of the historic buildings.  Recreate this look in your own backyard by adding a brick patio that is custom designed by our stone masons.
  • Nothing will create that collegiate feel more than ivy or other climbing plants such as clematis (if you get enough sunlight) or black eyed susan vine (an annual plant which will survive Toronto’s winters.)
  • Give those climbing plants room to grow with a custom-built arbour or pergola.  These will make even the smallest garden feel large by adding height and allowing all plants to grow up instead of out.

Scarborough Bluffs

  • Scarborough Bluffs have Toronto’s most beautiful views of the Harbourfront boasts gorgeous beaches and green space to barbeque.
  • Get the party started by adding an ornamental fireplace as your focal point in your backyard.
  • Create a beach feel by adding rustic touches like driftwood and wicker furniture.
  • Add vibrant colour to your green space by adding small pockets of bright colour while still leaving plenty of room for your dinner party.  By building a garden rather than using planters you can create a more natural feeling space.  Add a rock wall to separate the garden from the rest of the yard.

Edwards Gardens


  • Located at the corner of Leslie and Lawrence Avenue East, this botanical garden is a beautiful display of flowers and water features.  Ask our construction team how to create your own botanical hideaway complete with pathways and a waterfall.
  • This former estate is home to both a perennial rose garden and wildflowers. For those who want a more classic estate feel add shrubbery alongside the flowers that are easy to prune to give your yard a clean look.  If you feel like embracing the wild of the garden in springtime plant flowers all along the path through the garden.
  • The most iconic feature of the gardens is the waterfall – this can be created to fit any garden or yard.

Toronto Music Gardens

  • Designed by cellist Yo-yo Ma and landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy, this Bach-inspired garden is a piece of tranquility on Toronto’s Harbourfront.
  • This garden follows a beautiful spiral pattern than creates visual interest. Out landscape designers can create this look through walkways and gardens that follow the musical pattern.
  • Choose a neutral colour scheme and use planters to easily arrange and create your unique design.

Let the city inspire you to create the garden of your dreams, and let Elm Landscaping turn it into a reality.