News - Jun 13 2019
A picture of lawn with collection of while cotton flowers

Summer is the time when we decorate our yards with beautiful and colourful plants.  Plants come in a plethora of colour and not only can they enlighten our moods, but they can also enhance the curb appeal of our homes.  We here at Elm Landscaping, (416) 293-2976 have made landscaping our specialty and would like to provide you with a few excellent choices to incorporate in your landscape.

  1. Hydrangea.  The hydrangea plant can be either a shrub or climbing plant that produce rounded or flattened flowering heads.  Hydrangeas are native to Asia and America.
  • Hydrangea macrophylla (Bigleaf Hydrangea) produces large round floret balls of white, pink or blue flowers in early summer. These plants have been known to change colour due to the acidity of the soil.
  • Hydrangea paniculate (Tree Hydrangea) are beautiful shrubs, with some varieties growing to 15 feet. These hardy plants produce beautiful large creamy white flowers.
  • Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf hydrangea) is a shrub that is native to America and is hardy to zone 5. The Oakleaf varieties can reach 6 feet tall and as wide. Flowers start out as a soft green, turning ivory when they reach maturity and then fade to a rosy purple in late July.
  1. Meidiland Roses® will cover your landscape with a multitude of colour all season with minimal maintenance.  These sun-loving varieties can provide ground cover, low to moderate sized bushes or shrubs all season long.
  2. Juniperus squamata (Blue Carpet) is a sun-loving, ground-covering evergreen shrub that thrives in many different soils.  The Blue Carpet will spread up to 5 feet and is an attractive silver-blue in appearance.
  3. Euonymus alatus (‘Compactus’ Burning Bush) is a deciduous bush requiring low maintenance and watering which makes is very drought tolerant.  This dwarf bush will achieve a height between 6 and 8 feet and will produce lovely yellow flowers.
  4. Echinacaes (Coneflowers) resemble large daisies and come in pink, red, orange, white, and yellow varieties.  The blooms last a long time and require full sun and a lot of water.
  5. Physocarpus (Ninebark) is flowering shrub that belongs to the Rosacea (Rose) family and are native to North America and northeastern Asia.  These shrubs boast deep richly coloured flowers in contrast to the green foliage and then in the autumn the blooms are replaced with berry (seed) clusters.  The bark in the winter will also present an interesting appearance.
  6. Buddleia, (Butterfly Bush) comes in a multitude of colours and a few sizes.  The Buddleia ‘Low and Behold’ boasts beautiful spikes of flowers over dark green foliage.  They do require lots of sun and water but not to be overwatered.
  7. Rosa Oso Easy® This is a low maintenance rose that comes in colour variations from pink, yellow, orange and red.  These roses are relatively disease resistant and are self-cleaning, requiring very little pruning.  Rosa Oso Easy plants provide beautiful colour all season long.

These are but a few choices of the beautiful plants that are available in our planting zone.  They can enhance our enjoyment of the season.  With a little research you can find plants to suit your landscaping design and your level of gardening expertise.  Elm Landscaping has over 20 years of experience and is a proud member of the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association, which is Ontario’s premier horticultural trade association.  We can help you realize the full potential of your landscape needs.  We take pride in offering you our expertise in a professional, courteous and punctual manner that will offer you peace of mind.  Elm Landscaping is a Toronto company and our years of dedication to landscaping is reflected in our work and has been widely recognized.  Contact us at (416) 293-2976 and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff assist you with your landscaping requirements.   Give us a call now and let us show you what we do best!