Snow Removal 2017

Uncategorized - Nov 15 2017

It’s early morning. It’s still dark outside. You can feel the cold against the windows before your feet even touch the ground. It’s been snowing all night. Are you picturing it? The very last thing you want to do it go outside and shovel your driveway. The sidewalks are already covered and you know there’s going to be more where that came from. Winter has come to Toronto.

Last year we saw 107.1cm of snowfall, and whether we like it or not, it’s coming for us again. The pumpkins have all frozen and the rain is starting to turn into snow. No matter how prepared we think we are, winter always seems to sneak up on us.
But there is another way for snow removal.

Let’s try our scenario one more time . . .

It’s early morning. It’s still dark outside. You roll over and stay in your warm bed for a little while longer. It’s been snowing all night but you know your sidewalk and driveway are cleared because Elm Landscaping has been working all night to keep your sidewalk clean and to give you a few more minutes to sleep.

snow removal toronto

We offer 24/7 prompt and professional winter maintenance services to residential and commercial properties all over the GTA. Our snow removal services are custom designed for each project. Every home or business needs something different. We want to make sure that we bring the right equipment for the job. For us, snow removal doesn’t stop at the sidewalk. We offer a complete package of plowing, shoveling and de-icing wherever you need snow removed.

There is no greater feeling than knowing your property is safe and accessible for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Elm Landscaping is proud to serve Toronto and its surrounding communities. Whether you have a driveway that needs clearing or a whole parking lot, we have the snow removal solution for you. Stay warm and trust that we are out there keeping your sidewalk clear.

Call Elm Landscaping today and we will find the perfect solution for your snow removal needs. For over 20 years we have been proud to serve the city of Toronto. We know Canadian winters can be rough, but we’re ready to take on the snow and keep the city safe and moving.

Snow dates to look out for:

  • November 6 – 12: Flurries, rain turning to snow
  • November 13 – 16: Snow showers, very cold
  • November 17 – 21: Rain and snow, mild
  • November 22 – 28: Snow showers, very cold
  • November 29 – 30: Snowstorm

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