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Is your property not looking the best it can? There are many things that can be done. Take a mediocre garden and make it look spectacular without a huge cost to you. Let our enhancement crew set your property apart.
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Toronto Lawn Care and Maintenance

From season to season our team of dedicated landscapers work hard to keep your lawn looking its best. Starting in early Spring, we begin with the fertilization process.  Toronto’s weather in early April are the perfect conditions for over-seeding when the days are warm but the nights are cool. We use the perfect blend of warm- and cool-season grasses to survive our changing climate. To maintain a healthy lush lawn, we use sharp blades on well maintained equipment. It is necessary to adjust the cutting height for different seasons to ensure your lawn does not get stressed out and go dormant. We mulch the grass clipping to retain that vital 80% water and nutrients and reduce the amount of water your lawn needs.  We know grass and can design a mowing schedule for your lawn that cuts your grass every 5 days in Spring when the grass is growing fastest and slows down to once a week in the Summer. Contact us today at 647 694 2911 to discuss a maintenance plan that works for your Toronto home!
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