Planters to fit any outdoor space

Uncategorized - Sep 30 2017

With any outdoor space, you have to consider things like size, function and maintenance. No matter what the project or the space, nothing says outdoor oasis like a garden. Flowers and foliage are a constant element in landscape design, whether you are doing a complete design-overhaul or just freshening up a space.

A great option for those who love flowers and plants but

  1. Don’t have a lot of time, or
  2. Don’t have a lot of space

is Planters.  Planters create miniature, portable gardens that are easier to maintain and that fit perfectly into any space.


Colder weather is approaching. Planters are a great option if you want a short-term pop of color, and they can easily be moved inside during the winter. They add sophistication to any space, and they allow you to jump on board with other gardening trends (endemic gardening, colour blocking.)

Balcony Planters

Even if you’re working with a very small outdoor space, Balcony Planters can add privacy and detail to your balcony. By having a continuous planter than runs the length of your balcony, you add maximum color without compromising on space.


Architectural Planters

Architectural Planters are becoming increasingly popular. The simple designs let the plants do the talking. Choosing geometric shapes and muted colors adds a great contrast to the organic plants. There are lots of options to show your personal style without taking away from the natural beauty of the plants themselves.


Planters & Garden Design

Planters are a great option for large spaces too, because they can break up the area into different sections. Create a visual separation between the sitting area or pathways by strategically placing them throughout the garden. You can suddenly create clean straight lines for a minimalist look, or add depth and warmth by gently weaving planters throughout your space. Less is usually more when it comes to planters. Allow space in between each one and create visual interest by changing up colors and textures of the plants.


Trellises & Arbors

Trellises are a beautiful way to draw the eye to the existing design elements of your space. Climbing plants thrive in the sun and create a “secret garden” feel. Be sure to choose material for your planter that’s the same color as the trellis or arbor to create consistency.


Industrial Planters

To add a lot of contrast to the organic feel of the plants, use industrial materials such as steel mesh, iron or concrete. This is ultra-modern and will give an urban feel to your space. The best part about these materials is they are very weather resistant and can adopt natural coloration patterns with rust and erosion that soften the look.


Whatever your style, you can easily create the outdoor space of your dreams.  These are easy to maintain and don’t lock you into one design choice if you like to mix things up.

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