Outdoor Winter Decorations

Uncategorized - Dec 18 2017

With Christmas only a few days away the holidays are in full swing. This can only mean one thing: break out the inflatable Santa and the 8 (not so tiny) reindeer!

Or, consider giving your winter decorations an upgrade using the best nature has to offer. While there’s a time and place to go big, there’s a lot you can do for your home that doesn’t require a big budget or a big time commitment. By using materials found naturally in Toronto, you can give your home a festive upgrade that will suit the season into the New Year.


Eastern Red Cedar is the perfect evergreen because they flourish in Ontario and have a pop of red on their needles. These hearty junipers can be added to your wreath to make a full, lush accent to your front door.

winter decorations

Balsam Fir trees are another evergreen that grow in Southern Ontario. This fir tree is perfect for the season. It’s long needles and beautiful bright color makes any arrangement festive. Try combining the boughs from a few different types of evergreen to get a dynamic look that will make your winter decorations look like a Canadian forest.

winter decorations

White Pine is another distinctive evergreen that will help you create a winter wonderland. The long, fine needles have a beautiful silver color and add fullness to any arrangement. The pinecones also add great texture.

winter decorations

Add a little Colour

Cranberries grow in shrubs near bodies of water. The Muskokas are full of these bright red berries that are great for decorating and for eating! There are two species that are native to the area; the different is in the size of the berries they produce. These winter plants are able to stand up to the cold and will bring a burst of color to your front door.

winter decorations

No holiday decoration is complete without a little holly. There are three different species of holly that grow wild in Southern Ontario. Our favourite? Winterberry. As the name suggests, these bright red berries thrive all season long and add beautiful color to your home. This seasonal berry is the perfect way to keep tradition alive with a beautiful Canadian twist.

Wintergreen (also known as Teaberry) flowers in the summer and hangs around all throughout the winter. These flowers have lovely white petals with a bright red berry in the center. This shrub is a great way to feed the birds that have stayed for the winter, and keeps your garden bright.

Or keep is clean and simple

If you want some color but don’t want to have the traditional evergreen, Sage Willow is the perfect plant. The silvery green leaves give the perfect pop of green to any arrangement. This native plant flourishes all across Southern Ontario and has a wonderful fragrance.

winter decorations

White Birch trees are found throughout Southern Ontario. These beautiful trees have a silvery bark that will make any garden pop. Use the trunks as a great accent in a planter box or hanging winter decorations.

By using plants and trees that are native to the area, you can cut down on cost and be a friend to the environment. Combine a few different types of evergreens and flowering berries to give a festive look that will feed the animals that call your yard home. The best part about using natural materials in your decorating? They will still be in season after December 26th. Use hearty greens that can stand up to the weather and bring life to your home all season long.

For more winter decorating and landscaping tips, call Elm Landscaping today and see what we can do for you. Don’t wait until spring to start your next outdoor decorating project – Ontario is home to some amazing plants all year long.

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