Harvest-Inspired Decorations for Halloween (and more)

Uncategorized - Oct 25 2017

Halloween is just a few days away. This is the perfect excuse to break out the pumpkins and leaves and create a harvest-inspired wonderland in your front yard. Make the most of the beautiful colors that Toronto is known for this time of year. We have some great ideas to bring a burst of fall color to your front steps.


Make your house the brightest on the block this Halloween with these Harvest-inspired outdoor decorating ideas:

Of course, the number one choice for fall decorating is pumpkins. They are bright and easily turn your front steps into a harvest cornucopia. But think outside the jack-o-lantern with these alternative harvest-inspired pumpkin decorations.

Choose a mixture of sizes to create depth and make any space feel full of warmth. Give the pumpkins a frame by piling them in a large planter or basket – depending on your style. Use a block of florist’s foam to keep the gourds at the top and create the illusion of an overflowing bounty.


Don’t limit yourself to just pumpkins.   The gourd family has lots of beautiful shapes and colors to choose from (think butternut, acorn and white squash.) These will transform your front steps and give a sophisticated twist on the classic harvest-inspired decoration.

If you want the jack-o-lantern feel without all the work, turn smaller gourds into candleholders. All you need to do is to cut off the tops and hollow out the centers. Find large pillar candles that will be offset by the beautiful rustic base created by the gourd.


Or, put the carving knife away and decorate your pumpkin with an artistic flare. Use stencils and paint to create a welcome sign that can go on your front stoop. Let your imagination run wild and create a number of unique designs that will stand out.

Don’t limit yourself to just pumpkins

Another great way to get those beautiful autumn colors is through seasonal flowers. If you don’t want to plant a full garden, create fall-themed planters that are easy to maintain. Think

harvest-inspiredThese plants are hearty and will last into the first frost. A few well-placed planters will brighten up your front walk and give you a beautiful canvas of gold and red.

Create a beautiful canvas of gold and red

Evergreens are another easy way to add life and fullness to your front garden. These offer year-round privacy and make a beautiful backdrop for other shrubs and plants that add pops of color. Choose trees that will grow to a height that fits your garden. For example, Fernspray False Cypress only grows about 10” tall and 4” wide so it won’t overtake your whole garden.


Make a statement this year and use the natural beauty of autumn to create a harvest-inspired entrance. Welcome people to your door this Halloween with a design that’s uniquely you.

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