Fall Lawn Renovation (now is the perfect time to think about your lawn next summer)

Uncategorized - Oct 15 2017

Happy Fall! We are deep in the throws of harvesting, pruning, winterizing and thinking about settling down for winter. This is the perfect time for Fall Lawn Renovation and Seeding. This is probably a lot more exciting for us here at Elm Landscaping. But today we are going to show you why it’s such a great time for your lawn.

Next spring you will see the benefits of the work put in the fall – and hopefully you’ll get excited too.

Let’s jump right in to what you can do during your Fall Lawn Renovations:

Aeration & Seeding

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We talk about seeding a lot. It’s one of the most important steps in keeping your lawn looking lush and green. When done alongside aeration – you have a killer combo to making your lawn look its best. Aeration pulls small cores of soil out of the lawn to reduce compaction and to get as much oxygen and sunlight to the roots of your grass.

Follow this step with a healthy practice of over-seeding. For the average lawn, doing this Fall Lawn Renovation once a year will maintain healthy growth.

But, if there are some bald patches you may need to consider some other options.

Slice Seeding

This is a great option for those areas that need a little extra boost. This machine cuts grooves into the soil while inserting seeds below the surface. This makes sure the seeds get right into the earth that needs germination. This Lawn Renovation plus proper irrigation will give you much better results that seeding and aeration alone on those stubborn patches.


fall lawn renovationMaybe it’s time for a New Year New You approach. This is the most effective (but most costly) option. You will see immediate results, as sodding allows for a brand new lawn right from the start. The best part about sodding? This can be done at any time during the year (think early winter.) Sod needs constant moisture, which a Canadian snowfall will definitely provide. Start picturing your backyard barbeques now.

Grading & Seeding

This Fall Lawn Renovation is another New Year New You option that’s a little cheaper than sodding. We add a non-selective herbicide to eliminate the grass and create a blank canvas to work from. The next steps are excavation and grading the new soil. Follow this up with seeding and fertilizing. Finally, we top it all with mulch to prevent erosion and boost germination. This is a great solution that will usually give up to 80% increase in germination. Don’t forget watering with this method!


  • Before Germination = Less water/Lots of Time (about 25 minutes 2X a day) to keep the top ½” to 1” of soil moist.
  • After Germination = Lots of Water/Less Time (about 60 minutes 3X a week) to get the moisture down at least 2”-3”


fall lawn renovationNo longer just the secret to long lasting athletic fields and golf courses, this can be used to improve soil conditions and your lawn’s overall health. This is the process of spreading a soil/compost mix to the surface of your lawn. At first, the grass is going to look “dirty,” but give the mix time to settler into the lawn with irrigation. There are lots of benefits to Topdressing

  • Improve soil conditions
  • Increase microbial activity
  • Improve lawn color
  • Enhance seed germination

This is a long-term solution for great looking grass for years to come. While the immediate results won’t be as dramatic as the other methods we mentioned, with a few years of Topdressing you’ll have a healthier lawn for years to come.


Schedule your Fall Lawn Renovation with Elm Landscaping today. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that lawn care is going to end. Start on next summer’s lawn today and think warm green thoughts all winter long.

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