Uncategorized-Aug 15 2017

Fall Gardening Countdown

Fall is around the corner and it’s one of the most important times of the year for your garden. Elm Landscaping knows that gardening and
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Uncategorized-Jul 30 2017

Colour Blocking for any space

Want to make your small garden look larger?  Want to make your large garden look well-maintained and organized?  Working with mostly planters and architectural design
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Uncategorized-Jul 17 2017

Beat the Heat (your lawn will thank you)

The temperature is rising, the sun is shining and the beach is calling.  We are in the middle of summer Toronto and nothing looks better
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Uncategorized-Jun 14 2017

Don’t Miss the Window for Dethatching and Aerating your lawn

  Do you feel that heat wave Toronto?  Summer doesn’t officially arrive until next week but the sun is out and we are so happy. 
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